Create Blog and Make Money

Create Blog to Make Money Guide

Create Blog to Make Money Guide

Create Blog to Make Money Guide

What is Blog?

-> Blog is a website where pages are updated regularly. Typically blogs are run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. In blogs we can write articles include pictures, videos etc. It is used to provide information to the users, like I’m providing you right now.

How much can we earn from a blog?

-> It is based on mostly 4-5 factors of your blogs. See below for more details:

  1. How many visitors you are getting per day. If you have great visitors then your earning will be also great.
  2. Which advertiser you are using to advertise on your websites/blogs.
  3. From which country your blog is getting visitors. For some of the country advertisers pay higher.

More visitors you get then more will be your earning also if you are getting traffic from USA rather than Asian country, your earning will be higher.

Choosing advertiser is one of the hardest part. Click below to know more which advertisers will be best for your website/blog.

How to Create a Blog?

-> Updating Soon…

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