Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

We all want money. Who don’t need money right? If you think you can’t earn money online you are totally wrong. Even you can make huge amount money with or without technical skills. Today, it is time to discuss about some of the top methods by which you can make huge amount of money easily.

Okay, we will basically focus on two points:
1. Should be Easy.
2. Huge Earning.

So lets discuss about it right now!

1. Creating Website / Blog:

I love this method, I’m using it too! It is not too hard to start a blog using Blogger or WordPress. After creating the blog you need to place advertisement in the blog. There are many advertisement provider out there. Before jumping into setting up advertisement you need to write some posts, compile advertiser’s policy and make your blog attractive. Alternatively, if you have good technical skills, you can write your own websites.

1. Good earning when you will get good amount of visitors on your blog.
2. Creating blog is easy not rocket science.
3. It is like building home day by day then giving rent! So, Here you are creating your empire.

1. You may need some technical skills to set up template/theme.
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Maintaining.
4. Initial earning is low so, you need to wait to see good amount of money until you get good amount of page views per day.

2. Upload Videos on Youtube:

Many people using this method to earn huge amount of money. You can do this too! You just need to join youtube and upload videos. Videos must follow Youtube and AdSense policies to make money. Otherwise you will end up banning your AdSense account.

1. Huge earning when you’ve many viewers.
2. You don’t need any technical knowledge to start earning.
3. You can choose any topic which compiles with Youtube and AdSense policies.

1. Creating video is little bit hard!
3. You need minimum 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time.
4. Videos (Should meet Youtube and Adsense terms & conditions).

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3. Article Writing:

There are many websites who need author to write for them including us. If are not ready to create your own website / blog then this is the best option for you. It has a advantage also over creating website or blogs, you don’t need to care how many visitors you will get to make money because the websites you are writing for may have many visitors per day.

1. Don’t need any technical knowledge to create website/blog.
2. May have fixed rate per article writing.
3. There are lots of websites to start with.
4. Huge rate ($1 – $300) per article.
5. You don’t need to worry about incoming traffic.

1. You need to write good and original articles. So, you need good knowledge.
3. You may need to know little about photoshop so you can provide images for your articles.

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4. Freelancing Jobs:

If you are technical person this is a great way to earn big amount of cash. So, basically what you need to do is, visit: and click on Browse Jobs menu, there you will find different kind of online works provided by different clients. Then you need to find out what is suitable for you. After that you need to bid on that. The client may review your profile to check whether you are suitable person for this job or no. For more details I’m writing a separate article on Freelancing Jobs!

1. You can earn huge amount if you are a skilled person on your field.
2. Here, between you and clients the communication is direct.
3. If you are technical person it is great way to make money.

1. You need to provide good quality of product to clients so, they get interests to work with you again.
2. You may need to have technical skills (Programming / Graphics Design etc). Because,  most of the freelancing jobs are technical jobs.

5. Android Apps :

Everyone can make money with android applications. There are many apps out there but few of the apps pay real money. Mostly the apps offer surveys, playing games, installing other apps, sharing articles etc. The task apps provide may be different from each other.

1. It’s super easy.
2. You will only need a android phone and internet connection.

1. Rates varies [Mostly the earning rate is low compare to other methods].

Best 10 Android Apps to Make Money Online

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